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Kuwaiti investors occupy a high rank and make up a large percentage of investors in the real estate sector worldwide. Kuwaiti investors typically move towards searching for new opportunities in active and vital markets because of the lack of opportunities on their own soil. The decreasing financial market has spurred the emigration of many investors in the financial and stock sectors to the real estate sector, considered as a great opportunity for investors under these changing conditions in the market and a guarantee for success compared to other sectors.

There is no doubt that the statistics shows that there is a growth in the number of Kuwaitis investors comprising of both individuals and companies in the regional and international real estate sector, demonstrating the nature of the Kuwaiti people and their interest to invest in these countries.
Many companies have achieved in marketing its projects to the Kuwaiti people, thus encouraging us to organize this special exhibition “Kuwait International Property Show” which will deal exclusively in property, finance and investment.

The exhibitors will highlight there projects and investment programs to Kuwaiti investors, locals and residents. This is an opportunity for companies to get to know new investors in addition to market its projects.

We invite you to participate with us in this unique exhibition, which is the first of its kind in Kuwait. We welcome your participation.

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