Exhibition Media Campaign
The Exhibition will have full information and media coverage, the idea is to attract the largest possible number of visitors to the Exhibition. The media program will include the following:
The Catalogue

A Catalogue will be issued, containing information and advertisements about the participating companies. 3,000 free copies will be distributed to the visitors of the Exhibition.


About 5,000 invitation cards will be addressed to VIP’s in the fields of Politics, Economics and Business, in addition to Citizens whom are interested in the Exhibition.

Newspaper Ads

A series of ads will be run in the daily local and regional newspapers and weekly economic publications. The campaign will begin few days before the official opening and will continue throughout the exhibition period.


 Flyers will be printed and distributed in all areas of Kuwait, particularly at the Commercial, Financial compounds and in a number of residential areas.(Optional)


Strategically placed signboards (Mopes) in prime locations in Kuwait and Hawalley governorates.

Press Releases

Press Release about the participants that appeared in local, GCC and Arab newspapers.

Press Conference

Several press conferences will be held before and during the Exhibition period.

TV Coverage

The Exhibition and its opening ceremony will be covered by Kuwait TV, in addition to a special coverage by the other specialized TV channels.

SMS & E-mails

The organizer has a large number of e-mail addresses in GCC and other international countries exceed 500,000 e-mails, ads and invitations will be sent to all e-mails database. SMS invitations will be sent to more than 150,000 mobile in Kuwait and 50,000 in other GCC countries.

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